End of Everyman Attempt 1

This whole social life thing makes me really busy. I want to make it clear. Reason is not sleepiness. So I'm back monophasic again but this doesn't mean that I will abandon my blog. Acutally I will only write "information" from now on.

This is not the end. I'm planning on a different schedule but this is not the time.

I'm thinking about doing it again. We'll see at 2012 Summer.


Day 8 - First Big Oversleep

I missed my second (8:00 PM) nap and at my core sleep I slept until 10 AM.

Mental: 8
Physical : 9
Social: 10
Alertness: 8
Will: 8 - I feel like I'm back at beginning
Hours slept: 7 hours 50 minutes.


Day 7 - Sleepy

I'm feeling very sleepy at the moment. Everyman kinda sucks. When you can become uberman why become everyman? I'm afraid I have to go with everyman.

Mental: 8
Physical: 9
Social: 9
Alertness: 6
Will: 9
Hours slept:5 hours 10 minutes


Sorry guys!

Sorry guys I couldn't update my blog past 3 days. I even hardly come to my house let alone blogging. Past 3 days were routine. Hours I slept:

day 4: 5 hours
day 5: 6 hours 20 minutes
day 6:5 hours 10 minutes

Also I'm feeling pretty awake and well. I know that difficult days are still ahead of me.

I will try to update my blog from day to day. Not every 2-3 days.


Day 2 and 3

Day 2
I slept for an extra hour and woke up because of the noise outside. I couldn't sleep at my first nap but the second one gone as planned. I was really sleepy when I woke up but I felt better around the midday.

Mental: 9
Physical: 10
Social: 10 - Everyman is very flexible
Alertness: 7 - just like yesterday

Day 3
Day 3 is this day. I just woke up and I'm feeling very sleepy. I hope I'll get better quickly.

Mental: 8
Physical: 10
Social: 10
Alertness: 6


Day 1 - Good Start

Day one gone as planned. I didn't miss any naps. I woke up from my core sleep easily. Napping was difficult. I was at the border of sleeping but I couldn't fall asleep. I drunk 2 beers but I'm not really feeling drunk. Another great thing about everyman is that if you drink too much it doesn't really matter since you will have a core sleep. I will try vodka in two days. I hope that won't be a problem.

Mental: 10
Physical: 10
Social: 10
Alertness: 7 - I'm not really sleepy but I feel like I'm ready to sleep whenever I lie down
Will: 10
Total hours slept. 4 hours 50 minutes. Perfect day.


Everyman Schedule

My new everyman schedule is this:

2:00AM-6:30AM core 4.5 hours
12:00PM-12:20PM 20
8:00PM-8:20PM 20
total:5 hours

Sleeping for 20 minutes and getting up is easy but sleeping for 4.5 hours and getting up is difficult. I don't have enough alarm clocks (Actually I have only one and it's very quiet) so it may be bit difficult.