This blog is about polyphasic sleep. It will be a little journal-ish but I just want to get the information out there. I will start in a week

This blog is for people who know at least something about polyphasic sleep/read a few blogs about polyphasic sleep/looking for more information about polyphasic sleep. I won't only tell my experience. It won't be only "I slept x minutes, I feel blah blah" I will provide you information about polyphasic sleep while telling my experience. Sleeping isn't easy like "We need 8 hours each day. End of the story." There are lots of things about sleep we don't know yet. Not everybody's sleeping system is the same. Some schedules will work for you, some will not. If it's not working for you it will work for someone else. If you don't know much about polyphasic sleep that's okay. I will start from basics to the brainy stuff. I'm not an expert on this topic myself anyway.

If you want to help... just comment. Reading comments from you will motivate me. Criticize, appraise, anything. Knowing that someone cares about this blog will make my quest easier.

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